UW School of Education

Graduate students interested in bridging the equity gap in education will be able to apply for the Committed Scholars Program to earn their master’s in educational psychology where students will break down ‘big data’ into dynamic analyses that will help guide decisions and improvements in education to bridge the equity gap.

The Master of Science in Educational Psychology: Learning Analytics program “empowers graduates to impact teaching, learning, and policy by harnessing vast amounts of educational data.” The program is committed to bridging the equity gap in education and learning analytics is the first step to do so.

“Learning analytics is becoming the new gold standard for educational policy and practice,” David Williamson Shaffer, faculty director of the learning analytics program, told UW News. “In the years ahead, anyone who wants to fight for equity, improve learning outcomes, change classroom practices or impact education policy will need to be able to speak this language and use these tools.”

Coursework will equip students with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate the educational data mining landscape. A focus on both quantitative and qualitative courses will provide balance and trains students to make calculated analyses and have meaningful conversations.