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Waukesha School District teachers retire, resign after discrimination towards LGBTQ and BIPOC communities


By Michele Fiore
WAUKESHA, Wisconsin (WDJT) — An exodus of teachers in the Waukesha School District — some pointing to the way those in the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities have been treated as a reason why they’re going.

One by one, the teachers addressed the school board Wednesday night, on June 8 — saying they don’t want to resign, but that after a year of watching the district withdraw its support of the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities, it is time.

Early in the school year, teachers were ordered to remove inclusion signs from classrooms — being told it was political and had to go.

“All of a sudden they’re all down. That is not a neutral statement. That is a statement from the administration that they no longer support the LGBTQIA community,” said The Reverend David Simmons, a parent of a student.

Reverend David Simmons’ daughter identifies as part of the LQBTQIA community. When the signs went down, Simmons says the harassment began.

“There was an incident in the cafeteria where my daughter and several of her friends from the community were sitting at a table and somebody took a defaced Pride flag and put it right in front of them,” said Simmons.

Incidents like these are upsetting teachers like Monica Whaley.

“I am at retirement age, but my plan was not to retire, but after the things that have happened in this district for the last two years I’ve decided that I can no longer work here,” said Monica Whaley, retiring teacher.

Whaley says the district and administration do not have the students’ best interest at heart. According to numbers from the board, 63 teachers are resigning, 20 are retiring and more may follow.

One by one, resigning teachers and upset parents addressed the board.

Tomorrow, June 9, is the last day of classes for the Waukesha School District CBS 58 spoke with the superintendent after the meeting. He said it is upsetting to see qualified teachers leave the district. The signage policy remains.