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Why The UW Basketball Team Missed Its 15 Seconds of Fame

(Photo Credit: CBS Sports)

Wisconsin fans may wonder why CBS’ NCAA men’s basketball tournament selection program didn’t show the Badgers reacting to their bracket assignment.

Fifteen minutes before CBS announced Wisconsin would play in St. Louis, the players started to see on Twitter that someone had leaked the entire NCAA bracket online.

It quickly spread through the team, coaches and family members that had gathered at the Kohl Center to watch the program.

The players talked among themselves about how to react when their placement was revealed and decided they would pretend to be talking on their phones. They would look up at the screen, smile and give a fist bump.

And that is what they did.

Unfortunately the CBS director in New York thought they either didn’t hear the announcement, or had no reaction. The end result was no UW reaction shot on national television.

The team did appear twice earlier in the broadcast with other schools in montage shots leading into commercials.