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Wisconsin breaks more records with 1,547 new cases, 17.5% positive tests


Wisconsin confirmed a single-day record of 1,547 new coronavirus cases Thursday in just under 8,900 tests, making the positive test rate 17.53 percent for the day.

Today is the sixth day of the past seven that the positive test rate has been over 10 percent.

Wisconsin’s positive test rate for the past seven days has risen to 14 percent, and the 14-day rate is up to 11.2 percent. Today’s data brings the seven-day average of new cases to 1,004 and the 14-day average to 838.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services now reports the total number of cases since the pandemic began is 84,881, of which just over 8,100 are considered active, about the same as yesterday.

Additionally, 10 new deaths were reported today, one of whom was 20 years old. Three fatalities were reported in Waukesha County, two in Milwaukee County, and one each in Barron, Dodge, Outagamie, Portage and Washington Counties, bringing the total death toll to 1,193.

Wisconsin has averaged 6.7 deaths per day over the past week and 6.15 per day over the past two weeks.


The highest local new case count came in Dane County, with 456 new cases and over 30 percent positive tests reported yesterday, and an additional 59 attributed to tests processed Tuesday. Of the 456 reported yesterday, 390 were University of Wisconsin students — 295 identified by testing at UW and 95 identified at off-campus testing facilities. It is possible that rapid spread among UW students has caused infection to spread to others in the community.

Additionally, even with Dane County removed from the data, the other 71 counties reported 1,065 new cases and a 14.5% positive test rate.

Other localities with higher case totals and positive tests rates include:

Brown County: 109 new cases, 29.95 percent positive tests
Calumet County: 13 new cases, 20.63 percent positive tests
Columbia County: 11 new cases, 10.48 percent positive tests
Dodge County:  22 new cases, 13.66 percent positive tests
Eau Claire County: 23 new cases, 15.86 percent positive tests
Fond du Lac County: 36 new cases, 26.28 percent positive tests
Grant County: 29 new cases, 24.17 percent positive tests
Jefferson County: 19 new cases, 19.19 percent positive tests
La Crosse County: 75 new cases, 36.06 percent positive tests
Manitowoc County: 12 new cases, 10.91 percent positive tests
Milwaukee County: 145 new cases, 12.46 percent positive tests
Oconto County: 10 new cases, 6.94 percent positive tests
Outagamie County: 69 new cases,  14.5 percent positive tests
Portage County: 31 new cases, 88.57 percent positive tests
Racine County: 20 new cases, 6.31 percent positive tests
Rock County: 51 new cases, 11.64 percent positive tests
Shawano County: 11 new cases, 20.75 percent positive tests
St. Croix County: 13 new cases, 18.06 percent positive tests
Walworth County: 86 new cases, 28.96 percent positive tests
Washington County: 18 new cases, 20.93 percent positive tests
Waukesha County: 55 new cases, 9.09 percent positive tests
Winnebago County: 30 new cases, 10.87 percent positive tests

Hospitalization data had not been updated at the time of publication. Yesterday, hospitalizations rose slightly to 302 hospitalized with COVID 19, five more than Tuesday and 15 more than a week ago. Of those, 86 were in ICUs, two fewer than Tuesday.