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After delay from DHS, PHMDC reports 8 deaths and 381 new cases

Image from Public Health of Madison and Dane County.

Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported eight new deaths and 381 new cases after a delay in reporting from Department of Health Services yesterday and this morning. This now brings the county’s cumulative total to 35,397 new cases. Recovered cases in Dane County grew to 32,363 after today’s update while active cases dropped slightly this morning to 2,831 or 8.0 percent of all cases.

With the eight new reported deaths in Dane County of COVID-19, the cumulative total for the county is now at 211. Most of the deaths were centered in older age groups with five deaths reported of those in their 90s and one in their 80s. In Dane County, 85.3 percent of deaths have been in those 70 and older since the pandemic began. There were also one death reported in a person in their 60s and one of someone in their 50s. Since December 27, deaths have increased by 20.5 percent and 16 percent since January 3. Today’s reported deaths include three women and one person who identified as Hispanic/Latinx.

Current hospitalizations in Dane County of patients with COVID-19, both county residents and people from neighboring counties, has dropped over the weekend to 95. Of those 95, 24 are in the ICU.

For Dane County residents, the number of people ever hospitalized for COVID-19 has been grown from Friday’s 1,046 to 1,05. From those eight new hospitalizations of Dane County residents to ever be hospitalized from Dane County, two are in their 60s and one person from their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 70s and 80s respectively, were added to the data. Of those 8, three were women and one person was Hispanic/Latinx.

Of the 381 new infections reported today, 114 were attributed to January 9 while 226 were added to January 8. There were 32 new cases added to January 7, bringing that day’s total to 231 and 10 more cases were added to January 6, increasing that day’s total to 396 total cases reported for that day. The seven-day average of cases as of January 9 is now at 212.5 while the 14-day average is at 202.9.

The percentage of positive for January 9 is at 4.0 while January 8 is now at 5.4. The new percentage of positive for January 7 is 5.9 while January 6 is at 5.8. The seven-day percentage of positive as of January 9 is now at 6.2 while the 14 day average is at 7.2. Madison365 expects these numbers to adjust as Public Health of Madison and Dane County continue to receive updated results throughout the week.

For the past two days, age groups between 0- 69 grew by double digits, with adults in their 20s growing by 93 new cases or 24.4 percent of all new reported cases, followed by those in their 40s with 70 new cases. Those aged 10-19 grew by 55 new cases as adults in their 60s grew by 51, adults in their 30s by 47 and children under 10 and adults in their 60s both grew by 25. In single digit increases, adults in their 70s grew by eight new cases, those in their 80s by four, and adults in their 90s grew by three since numbers were last reported on January 8th.

When looking at our communities of color, those who identify as Hispanic/Latinx grew by 48 new cases or 12.6 percent of all new cases broken down by ethnicity while those who are Asian grew by 29 new cases since January 8 or 7.6 percent of all new cases. Black people in our community grew by 23 new cases this morning or by 6.0 percent of all new cases. Black people now make up 8.1 percent of all COVID-19 infections in Dane County while Hispanics/Latinx make up 15.2 percent of all infections broken down by ethnicity.  Asian people make up 3.8 percent of all cases since the pandemic began.

As of January 9, UW reported six new positive cases for UW students in on-campus testing and one new positive cases for UW staff in on-campus testing. All of these positives have been attributed to January 8. UW has a total of 4,936 total positive cases for UW students, and 592 positive cases for UW employees for a total of 5,528 total cases from UW since tracking began for campus. The most recent updated 7 day average of cases is now at 16.3 for both students and staff in on and off campus testing as of January 8. The 7 day average for the percentage of positives for students is at 2.5 percent for students and 1.4 percent for employees from on campus testing as of January 8.

Madison365 has updated our weekly map of COVID-19 cases in the county by census tract.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers after 2 pm.