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Another record-setting coronavirus day as 1,165 more cases confirmed, six more die

The rate of coronavirus tests returning positive results rose Saturday to 8.9 percent — up from seven — as just over 13,000 tests returned 1,165 positive results — the most in a single day to date — according to Wisconsin state and county public health data. The 1,165 new cases brings the total case count for Wisconsin to 59,933. Of those, about 9,600 are considered active, about 100 more than Friday.

Six more fatalities were reported — three in Milwaukee County, two in Brown County and one in Kenosha County — bringing the total death toll to 996. Additionally, 18 people who tested positive for coronavirus infection have died of other causes, and are not counted as covid fatalities.

The highest local new case count came in Milwaukee County, with 283 new cases and 9.87 percent of tests coming back positive.

Other localities with higher case totals and positive tests rates include:

Brown County: 47 new cases, 6.48 percent positive tests
Calumet County: 17 new cases, 12.23 percent positive tests
Dane County: 56 new cases, 4.4 percent positive tests
Dodge County: 26 new cases, 22.22 percent positive tests
Douglas County: 13 new cases, 56.52 percent positive tests
Eau Claire County: 11 new cases, 2.1 percent positive tests
Fond du Lac County: 23 new cases, 11.62 percent positive tests
Jefferson County: 12 new cases, 8.28 percent positive tests
Kenosha County: 50 new cases, 27.03 percent positive tests
Marinette County: 11 new cases, 13.92 percent positive tests
Oconto County: 18 new cases, 23.08 percent positive tests
Oneida County: 12 new cases, 6.59 percent positive tests
Outagamie County: 28 new cases, 6.47 percent positive tests
Ozaukee County: 29 new cases, 17.26 percent positive tests
Portage County: 16 new cases, 11.11 percent positive tests
Racine County: 40 new cases, 6.09 percent positive tests
Rock County: 15 new cases, 6.26 percent positive tests
Shawano County: 12 new cases, 15.58 percent positive tests
Walworth County: 16 new cases, 7.62 percent positive tests
Washington County: 48 new cases, 15.89 percent positive tests
Waukesha County: 158 new cases, 18.16 percent positive tests
Waupaca County: 12 new cases, 27.91 percent positive tests
Winnebago County: 40 new cases, 11.24 percent positive tests
Wood County: 10 new cases, 7.41 percent positive tests

Limited hospitalization data is available again after the state DHS and Wisconsin Hospital Association spent nearly two weeks re-configuring their reporting protocols due to new federal guidelines. As of Saturday in Wisconsin, 350 people were hospitalized due to coronavirus infection, 20 more than Friday and 42 more than a week ago. Of those, 121 were in intensive care units, the same number as Thursday and Friday.

The rate of disparity in Latino populations has improved but continues to stand out. More than 24 percent of total cases are now Latino people, as well as about 15.9 percent of today’s new positive cases. Latinos make up just seven percent of the state’s overall population.

Similarly, 14 percent of all cases are Black people, as are 21 percent of total COVID-19 related deaths in the state. Black people make up just six percent of the state’s population.

The state now reports that 1.7 percent of all covid cases in Wisconsin have died, while 82 percent have recovered and 16 percent remain active.