J.C. Watts, chairman and co-founder of the Black News Channel

The Black News Channel became the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities this week with the official launch of the independent network that is minority-owned and operated.

“I have traveled around the country participating in interviews, serving on panel discussions, and sharing BNC’s mission and commitment to telling a more complete story of the African American community,” BNC Chairman and co-founder J.C. Watts, Jr. said in a press release. “There is growing interest and anticipation about the Black News Channel, as well as a palpable level of excitement about our launch.”

Among its stated goals, the Black News Channel hopes to give voice to an underserved community, build bridges to connect the many diverse cultures in our nation, facilitate a more informed national conversation about challenges facing our urban communities, and engage African American viewers in our nation’s social, economic and political discussions and debates.

“The launch of Black News Channel will be not only historic, but also transformational,” said CEO and Co-founder Bob Brillante in a statement. “We will shed more light on the stories that demonstrate our commonality, rather than those that highlight our differences.”

For more information about programming and upcoming announcements, visit BNC’s website.