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Dane County coronavirus count approaches 3,500 cases


Dane County confirmed 57 new coronavirus cases Saturday, which brings the County’s total to 3,495. Of those 3,495 cases, 1,146 are considered active, a slight drop from yesterday’s 1,172.

Though the largest number of today’s cases are attributed to those in theirs 20s with 14 more cases, those in their 30s also experienced a double-digit increase with 10 more cases as well. There was also nine more cases between the ages of 10-19 and five cases for those in their 40s. Those in their 50s grew by eight while those in their 60s grew by seven more cases. Those in their 70s grew by one new case and those in their 80s grew by three.

Dane County reported no new deaths which keeps the total death toll in the county to 34. Total hospitalizations for the county for COVID-19 stayed at  261 with 33 still currently hospitalized for COVID-19. However, of the 33 currently hospitalized, the number of those in the ICU for COVID-19 rose by two from yesterday for a total of 10 today.

Of the 57 new cases reported today, 13 new cases, or 22.81 percent of all new cases, are in people who identify as Hispanic. Hispanic people now make up 15.22 percent of all COVID-19 related cases in the County while only making up six percent of the population. There were also nine, or 15.79 percent of all new cases, attributed to those who identify as Black. They now make up 12.88 percent of all cases while only making up five percent of the population in Dane County. Those who identify as Asian also grew by two, or 3.5 percent of all new cases. Asian people make up five percent of the population in Dane County and five percent of the population.

As the number of negative tests reported is lagged by several days, the most updated data on positive test percentage for a day is for July 15, with the positive test percentage has been updated to 4.54 percent while updated numbers now have July 14 at 28.81 percent, July 13 at 9.6%, July 12 at 25.45 percent and July 11 at 23.02 percent.  Madison365 expects that these numbers will adjust considerably as more negative and positive tests are attributed to those dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

On Friday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County provided a look at cases for the past week (July 10 – 16). Of the 565 new positives, contact tracers were able to conduct interviews with 372 people or 65.8 percent of those who tested positive during that week. Of those 372, 146 (39 percent) reported that they had attended a party, gathering or meeting with those outside their household. Also, of those 372, 46 (12 percent) were associated with known clusters: 17 from workplaces, 11 from bars/restaurants, seven from childcare, five from college age housing, three from congregate facilities, one from gyms and two from other clusters.

In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Madison365, more pop up, drive-thru testing centers will be taking place again this week and next You can read more about dates, times and the specific sites in our previous story. Testing is still available today at Alliant Energy Center from 8am – 4pm. Yesterday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported no wait after 9:30am.

Earlier this week, Madison365 updated our data regarding coronavirus spread in specific neighborhoods and communities by census tract from June 15th through July 14th – including an update to our interactive map by census tract. Today’s data are not included, but will be included in an update next week.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.