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Wisconsin DHS reports 10 deaths, record 978 new cases as positive test rate jumps

The rate of coronavirus tests returning positive results rose again Saturday to 7.87 percent, as an abundance of tests processed — more than 12,000 — returned 978 positive results, according to state and county public health data — the highest single-day number to date. That brings the total case count for Wisconsin to 41,485. Of those, more than 8,600 are considered active — nearly 200 more than yesterday and the largest number of active cases reported to date.

DHS reported 10 fatalities today — seven in Milwaukee County and on each in Brown, La Crosse and Eau Claire Counties — and Dane County reported one additional fatality not reported by DHS, bringing the death toll to 844.

The largest local increase was in Milwaukee County, which reported 206 new cases and 7.78 percent of tests coming back positive.

Several other counties saw double-digit increases and high positive test rates, including:

Brown County: 55 new cases, 9.03 percent positive tests
Dane County: 62 new cases, 8.36 percent positive tests
Eau Claire County: 17 new cases, 8.54 percent positive tests
Jefferson County: 10 new cases, 5.88 percent positive tests
Kenosha County: 40 new cases, 18.02 percent positive tests
La Crosse County: 14 new cases, 87.5 percent positive tests
Marathon County: 20 new cases, 14.81 percent positive tests
Marinette County: 10 new cases, 5.38 percent positive tests
Outagamie County: 22 new cases, 7.83 percent positive tests
Portage County: 13 new cases, 11.93 percent positive tests
Racine County: 45 new cases, 6.03 percent positive tests
Rock County: 19 new cases, 6.05 percent positive tests
Walworth County: 39 new cases, 15.59 percent positive tests
Washington County: 17 new cases, 10.76 percent positive tests
Waukesha County: 130 new cases, 14.07 percent positive tests
Winnebago County: 14 new cases, 7.38 percent positive tests

Hospitalizations statewide fell to 315, 16 fewer than yesterday and 51 more than a week ago. Of those currently hospitalized for COVID-19, 90 require intensive care. Additionally, 158 people are hospitalized and awaiting test results.

The rate of disparity in Latino populations continues to stand out. Twenty-seven percent of total cases are now Latino people. Latinos make up just seven percent of the state’s overall population.

Similarly, 16 percent of all cases are Black people, as are 23.5 percent of total COVID-19 related deaths in the state. Black people make up just six percent of the state’s population.

DHS also reports that just under 77 percent of those confirmed to have been infected have recovered and 2.1 percent have died.