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Dane County grows by 113 coronavirus cases; 23 percent of all cases now active


Dane County grew today by an additional 113 new cases, bringing the County’s total to 7,407. As of this morning, there are 5,629 recovered cases while 1,737 are currently active. This brings the percentage of active cases to 23, more than double the percentage of statewide active cases, which is currently 11.

Most of the 113 new cases were attributed to tests processed September 11, with 63 positive cases reported for that date. The rest were attributed to September 10, raising that number to 290, and then to other days throughout this past week. September 9 continues to hold the record for a single day increase with 487 positive cases attributed to that day.

Almost 55 percent of today’s new cases are aged 10-19, growing by 62 cases in that age group. Adults in their 20s grew by 29 new cases and were almost 25 percent of all tests. Since August 29th, cases in ages 10-19 have grown by 195 percent, from 605 to 1,785. For those in their 20s, cases have grown 28 percent since August 29th.

Adults in their 40s grew by eight cases while adults in their 30s  grew by seven cases. Older adults aged in their 70s grew by three today while children aged 0-9 and adults in their 50s grew by 2. Older adults aged in their 80s grew by one additional case this morning.

Dane County’s death toll from COVID-19 remained at 41 today. As of this morning, 28 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Dane County, with 10 of those in the ICU. The total number of Dane County residents ever to be hospitalized for COVID-19 is still at 345 as of this morning.

Dane County’s seven-day average for cases is now at 202, while the 14-day average is now 144 cases per day. The Forward Dane reopening plan required that the daily new case average fall below 20 before moving to the next phase. Further, PHMDC required a daily new case count below 39 for four consecutive weeks to open schools for grades three through five, and below 19 for four consecutive weeks to open grades six through 12, for in-person instruction. On Thursday evening, the State Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction allowing schools to open for in-person instruction. Yesterday, PHMDC put out a statement stating their “disappointment in this decision and strongly urge all schools to continue voluntary phasing-in of classes for in-person instruction for grades 3-12 per Public Health Madison & Dane County recommendations.”

At the time of this update, the most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for September 11, which is at 2.3 percent while the positive test percentage for September 10 has increased to 6.8 percent. The positive percentage for September 9 has been updated to 8.8 percent and September 8 is at 8.4 Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s data dashboard, as of 2 pm yesterday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County and UW testing had confirmed another 224 new positives cases among students and no cases for employees from on campus testing. An additional 61 students have tested positive in off-campus testing. This brings the total number of new positive cases to 285 for UW students for September 11 and the seven day average of cases per day to 183.1. The 7-day percentage of positives is at 9.2 percent. The total number of positive cases for students and staff in on and off campus testing to 1,745 cases. Students make up 98.4 percent of those cases, and staff make up 1.5 percent.

Of those 1,745 cases, 1170 were identified in on-campus testing. As of this morning, UW has run 24,103 tests since on campus testing began on August 6 with 4.9 percent of those tests coming back positive.

This morning, Madison365 updated our interactive Dane County Coronavirus Map. The map will be updated weekly.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.