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Dane County reports 200 new cases as citations to be issued over Halloween parties


This morning, Dane County confirmed 200 new coronavirus cases, bringing our total to 16,895 with 13,590 cases currently recovered. Active cases dropped slightly to 3,256 or 19.3 percent.

Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported this morning that at least 13 campus area residences were in violation of the current public health order over Halloween weekend, and that it would work with Madison police to issue citations and summons.

Additionally, the county was hit with a record-breaking number of hospitalizations from COVID-19 on November 2 with 142; of those 35 were in the ICU. Today, hospitalizations for the County have reportedly dropped to 140 people currently hospitalized with 32 of those in the ICU. Public Health of Madison and Dane County also reported that our county is now averaging 300 cases per day.

Of the 200 new cases reported today, 92 were attributed to November 3 while an additional 92 cases were attributed to November 2, increasing that day’s positive test count to 182, while 13 more cases were added to November 1 increasing that day’s count to 294. The rest of the new cases were attributed to earlier dates this week.

Every age group from 0-69 saw double-digit growth today with adults in their 20s growing the most again with 45 new cases, or 22.5 percent of all new cases. Adults in their 30s grew by 34 new cases while those aged 10-19 grew by 29 new cases. Adults in their 50s and children aged 0-9 both grew by 22 new cases as adults in their 40s grew by 20 followed by those in their 60s grew by 18. Adults in their 70s grew by seven while adults in their 90s by two new cases and those in their 80s grew by one.

Looking at cases from two weeks ago, adults in their 90s continue to see the largest growth with 55 percent of new cases since October 21 while adults in their 80s have grown 35.2 percent. Those in their 70s have also grown over 30 percent with a 34.7 percent increase while children aged 0-9 grew by 32.4 percent since October 21.

For our communities of color, American Indians have grown by 31.2 percent while those who identify as Hispanic have grown by 29.7 percent. Those who are Black have grown by 21.8 percent while those who are Asian have grown by 20.5 percent since October 21.


The most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for November 3 at 2.6 percent while the positive test percentage for November 2 has increased to 3.8 percent. The positive percentage for November 1 has also increased and is now at 7.6 percent and October 31 has grown to 6.8. Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

Yesterday at 2pm, UW updated their dashboard noting an additional 8 new cases, 7 of whom were students and one of whom was an employee, from on campus testing. The seven-day percent positive rate has remained at 2.0 percent while the seven-day average of cases has remained at 31.9 cases per day. In total, according to UW’s Smart Restart Dashboard, there are now 3425 students who have tested positive and 201 employees for a total of 3,626 cumulative cases for UW students and staff.

Madison365 updated our weekly map for COVID-19 cases within our county tracts this past Friday. Our team will continue to update this data and publish it weekly.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers after 2 pm.