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Dane County reports 505 new cases as hospitalizations break new record


Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported 505 new COVID-19 cases this morning, bringing the total for all cases in county to 15,750. The number of recovered cases has risen to 12,711 as the number of active cases rose slightly to 2,990, about 18.98 percent of all cases.

At this time, the data do not indicate where these cases are growing. However, as reported yesterday in our look at PHMDC’s Data Snapshot – about 56 percent of cases through October 26 were outside of Madison.

The number of people currently hospitalized for COVID-19 in Dane County hospitals broke a record this morning with an additional 12 people bringing today’s total to 131. A record-high 34 people of that 131 are currently in ICUs in Dane County. This includes patients who live in and outside of Dane County.

The number of Dane County residents ever hospitalized has increased by four to 528 with two previously reported hospitalizations removed from the data. This update includes four adults in their 80s, three in their 50s and one each in their 60s and 70s.

Of the 505 cases reported today, 122 were attributed to October 30 while an additional 254 cases were attributed to October 29, increasing that day’s positive test count to 308. This gives October 29 the second-highest count of any single day. For October 28, 111 cases were attributed increasing that total 370 whole the rest were attributed to earlier days this past week.

Most groups today grew by double digits, however adults in their 20s had a triple-digit increase with 135 new cases or 26.7 percent of all new reported cases. Those in their 30s grew by 81 new cases with 16 percent of all new cases while those aged 10-19 grew by 66 cases. Adults in their 50s grew by 59 cases while adults in their 40s grew by 55. Those in their 60s grew by 41 new cases while children aged 0-9 grew by 37 new cases and adults in their 70s by 22. Those in their 80s rounded out today’s update with nine new cases.

Madison365 is unable to report the percentage of increase the past two weeks as from late afternoon on October 16 through October 20, PHMDC was unable to provide a daily update due to a upgrade on the Department of Health Services’ system. Looking at the increase since October 24, those aged in their 90s grew the most with a 38.5 percent increase while those in their 80s grew by 26.1 percent followed by adults in their 70s with 25.1 percent and children aged 0-9 with 23.6 percent.

Data for communities of color also continue to see growths and over-representation in their populations. Those who identify as American Indian/Alaskan saw a growth of 27.4 percent in cases for the past week while those who identify has Hispanic/Latinx grew around 22.7 percent in cases. Black people in Dane County grew by 15.4 percent as Asian people grew by 13.25 percent since October 24.

Dane County’s seven-day average for cases is now at 261 per day while the 14-day average is at 225.3 cases per day. The Forward Dane reopening plan required that the daily new case average fall below 20 before moving to the next phase.

The most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for October 30, which is 5.2 percent, while the positive test percentage for October 29 has increased to 5.7 percent. The positive percentage for October 28 hasalso increased and is now at 6.4percent and October 27 has grown to 5.4. Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

UW reported two new COVID-19 cases, with 34 new cases – 26 of whom were students and eight that were employees from on campus testing. The seven-day percent positive rate has increased for UW to 1.6 percent while the 7 day average of cases has risen to 27.6 cases per day. In total, according to UW’s Smart Restart Dashboard, there are now 3350 students who have tested positive and 194 employees for a total of 3,544 cumulative cases for UW students and staff.

Madison365 updated our weekly map for COVID-19 cases within our county tracts this past Friday. Our team will continue to update this data and publish it weekly.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers after 2 pm.