Wheelhouse Studios student artist-in-residence Tiffany Ike will present the DROPS project to engage students and the campus community in a dialogue around race relations and the power of words Wednesday, March 16, 7-9 p.m. at the Play Circle Theater of the Memorial Union.

Wheelhouse Studios is an open arts studio located in Memorial Union with the intent of providing an outlet for creativity in the heart of campus. The studio has three versatile workspaces, flexible studio designs, drop-in art opportunities, and classes for enthusiasts and dabblers alike.

Ike, an Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI) First Wave Scholar, created DROPS (Discrimination, Racism, Oppression, Prejudice, Stereotyping), which is all about the words and language we use when discussing these topics. The performance is part of the Black Student Union’s Women’s History Month Celebration.

An important part of having an impactful dialogue is the ability to speak honestly. The “thought box” serves as an opportunity for individuals to speak their mind without fear of backlash. Ike created two “thought boxes” to give individuals the opportunity to speak their minds freely. One is displayed outside of Wheelhouse Studios and the other is a traveling box around campus on a weekly basis. A specific prompt is posed on the poster that relates to language used in race relations discussions.

People are encouraged to leave their thoughts (anonymously) on a card and put it into the display. All information gathered from this portion of the project will be used during a subsequent panel discussion and as inspiration for a final performance piece and publication.

Ike is a sophomore studying communications and psychology at UW-Madison. Her performance will include spoken word and video by happenings throughout the project. The audience will have a chance to add to group-created canvases.