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Impact Movement Legacy Vision Dinner is Saturday

Impact Movement, UW-Madison chapter. Photo supplied.

Impact Movement’s UW-Madison chapter will host a free dinner and fundraising event on Saturday at 6 pm at Upper House, 365 East Campus Mall, on the University of Wisconsin campus.

Impact Movement is an organization for Black Christians with chapters on campuses across the country, including UW-Madison, UW-Oshkosh and UW-Stevens Point.

“Impact is a peer church organization. A campus ministry that works with black students. That includes black students, Caribbean students, as well as African students,” says UW-Madison Campus Coach Kesha Wilkinson. “All students are welcome but we specifically reach out to black students.

“We have about 30 students that are actively involved on this campus, but we’ve pretty much have reached every black student on UW-Madison’s campus in some way or form,” says Wilkinson, who will soon transition to oversee all chapters in Wisconsin, including new chapters at Marquette and UW-Whitewater. Starting up those new chapters is one of the things the group is fundraising for this weekend.

“It is our Legacy Vision Dinner. It is a chance for people that currently support our work financially, and also people that don’t and may not know about what we do, to hear about what has been happening this semester, learn more about what Impact is,” Wilkinson says. “Hear from students, testimonies from the semester, as well as other people that support the ministry is going to share testimony. It is a celebration for me as well, as I’m transitioning into a new position. I’ve been the campus coach on Madison’s Campus for the last six years.”

While the dinner is free, there will be an opportunity to support the group’s work.

“At the end we are going to ask people to support our work, and we are trying to raise $10,000 so that we can be able to launch two more Impact chapters, as well as go towards programming on the five different campuses in the state,” Wilkinson says.

Wilkinson says about 75 people are expected at the dinner, but the group made room for 100 — which means no registration is required at this point.

“You can just show up,” she says.