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Jessie Garcia’s “Going for Wisconsin Gold”

Jessie Garcia

Jessie Garcia’s “Going for Wisconsin Gold” will take place, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 7 p.m. at the Madison Public Library, 201 West Mifflin Street, 3rd Floor

Author and sportscaster Jessie Garcia reads from her new book, “Going for Wisconsin Gold,” and leads a group of Wisconsin Olympians featured in the book in a discussion about competing in and living after the Olympics. Scheduled to appear with Garcia are speed skaters Bonnie Blair and Casey FitzRandolph, sailing legend Buddy Melges, curler Mike Peplinski, and skeleton racer Matt Antoinne, as well as family representing some of Wisconsin’s earliest Olympians including 1900 Olympic Games track star Alvin Kraenzlein who pioneered the modern hurdles and 1904 Olympic Games weightlifter Oscar Osthoff.

Garcia’s new book provides insights into the lives of athletes who grew up or spent time in Wisconsin on their journey to the Olympic Games. She shares some of their most captivating tales—from those that have become legend such as Dan Jansen’s heartbreaking falls and subsequent gold, to unlikely brushes with glory. Featuring the athletes’ personal stories, many told in detail for the first time, as well as pictures from private collections, “Going for Wisconsin Gold” provides a new, deeper understanding of the sacrifices, joy, pain, heartbreak, and dedication it takes to reach the world’s grandest sporting competition.