Latino Consortium for Action issues statement in support of Fitchburg Alder Joe Maldonado’s amendments on teen center

    Latino Consortium for Action

    The Latino Consortium for Action (LCA) expresses our support for Alder Joe Maldonado’s amendments, which set in motion the promised development of a teen center serving the Jamestown community and beyond.

    Our community has previously testified to the need for the center. Youth, families, educators, and neighborhood leaders are acutely aware that there is a need for proactive, positive engagement for our youth. This was apparent prior to the pandemic; the current situation has highlighted the importance of creating a place that will reflect what the community wants and needs.

    One of Alder Maldonado’s amendments reinstates funding for year one of a community engagement process. The funding is necessary but equally important is his call for the consultant to have a track record of success and a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The importance of contracting with a culturally competent and engaging consultant cannot be stressed enough. We believe that the ultimate success of the Fitchburg Teen Center initiative will depend on the success of the engagement process, and the consultant’s ability to engage stakeholders and community in each step of plan development.

    The other amendment introduced by Alder Maldonado identifies an appropriate site for Center and proposes that the city of Fitchburg engage in negotiating the purchase of the building. One of the exciting options for the building is the fact that it could be used immediately to initiate some safe, social distanced use as provided by third parties. This is particularly important not only to help offset the costs of the purchase but because it quickly takes steps to providing appropriate, desirable programming.

    The Latino Consortium for Action (LCA)(believes that the purchase of the property, and identification of an appropriate consultant, will be powerful signals that the city recognizes and prioritizes community needs and input.

    We appreciate the research Alder Maldonado has put in already, and look forward to hearing progress reports as the project moves forward.



    Latino Consortium for Action

    Oscar Mireles, Convenor,

    Karen Coller, Centro Hispano of Dane County

    Shiva Bidar, Latino Health Council,

    Fernando Cano-Espino, Latino Health Council

    Dr. Salvador Carranza, Latino Education Council,

    Jessica Cavasos, Latino Chamber of Commerce,

    Teresa Dary, Community Activist

    Baltazar DeAnda, Orgullo Latinx

    Julia Arata-Fratta, Alder, City of Fitchburg  

    Veronica Figueroa, UNIDOS

    Brenda Gonzalez, Latino Health Council,

    Fabiola Hamdan, Latino Children and Families Network,

    Armando Ibarra, Voces,

    Juan Jose Lopez, LaSup Network

    Lupita and Luis Monoto, La Movida Radio,

    Sandy Morales, Community Leader

    Christian Albouras, Latino Chamber of Commerce

    Norma Gallegos , Latino Professional Association

    Dr. Patricia Tellez-Giron, Latino Health Council