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Meet Max Kemnitzer, your new health partner at West Washington Family Medicine Clinic


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Max Kemnitzer, APNP is a new Nurse Practitioner at UnityPoint Health – Meriter’s West Washington Family Medicine Clinic, working one-on-one with patients to help alleviate symptoms and manage chronic conditions. His areas of interest include metabolic disease, mental health and preventive care. 

In addition to his work at UnityPoint Health – Meriter, Max also volunteers as a provider with Perry Family Free Clinic, a clinic focused on improving Black men’s health in and around the Madison area. 

Learn more about Max, his healthcare philosophy and how to become a patient below. 

Q: What is your philosophy around healthcare? 

MK: My biggest healthcare philosophy is centered around health education and knowledge equity. I strive to ensure all the patients I see are well-informed about what we are screening for, or trying to prevent, and why. Establishing a trusting relationship is my top priority with new patients, followed closely by using common language to explain my thoughts and diagnoses.  

Q: What can people expect during a visit with you?

MK: Patients can expect a deep dive into their health history and risk factors, discussions on ways to improve overall health, and how to address any chronic conditions they may face. I hope they leave the appointment feeling heard, seen and understood. 

Q: Why is having a primary care provider so important?

MK: Consistent primary care is vital to short- and long-term health for anyone, of any age. Prevention is key with many of the health issues plaguing society today. Primary care is where we discuss these common, preventable diseases and take action before or after symptoms start. 

Q: How can patients best prepare for their visit? 

MK: Transferring your health record is a great way to ensure we have all the information needed prior to an appointment and allows me to come into the room already knowing a little about you. 

Max is currently accepting new patients of all ages at UnityPoint Health – Meriter’s West Washington Family Medicine Clinic. 345 West Washington Avenue, Suite 100, Madison, WI 53703. To schedule an appointment, call (608) 417 – 8300.