Nehemiah Annual Celebration will be held Thursday, November 15, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Fountain of Life Church, 633 W. Badger Rd.

The community is invited to join us for a celebration of Nehemiah’s exciting year and to hear about what is in store for next year. Nehemiah will share with some of the exceptional stories and people involved in their work.

Last year, Nehemiah celebrated its 25th anniversary, but there is so much more that is coming in 2019. Please join us for an evening of light refreshments and time to connect with one another as we hear from Dr. Gee about Nehemiah’s vision for a stronger Madison for all.

5:30PM: Light Refreshments
6PM: Update and Big News
7PM: Dessert and Mingling with Staff

Written by Madison365 staff


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