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“The key components are here.” SBA head visits Latino-owned businesses in Green Bay


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Small Business Administration Administrator Isabella Castillo Guzman visited Green Bay on Wednesday, hearing from several Latino-owned businesses as part of the Biden Administration’s “Latino Prosperity Tour.”

“All the key components are here for successful entrepreneurship,” Guzman said.

Guzman’s day kicked off with a tour of The Cannery, a vibrant three-month-old food service business incubator hosting five innovative culinary startups under one roof. Later, she made her way to Brow Beauty Bar, where owner Maricela Vera shared her success story of staying afloat during the pandemic, thanks to financial support, including the utilization of SBA loans. The day concluded with a visit to RG Roofing, showcasing how they strategically employed an SBA loan to secure and purchase their headquarters building. In navigating the challenges of the business landscape, success stories like Brow Beauty Bar and RG Roofing underscore the importance of initiatives like SBA loans, such as those available through “Nav Loans,” in fostering resilience and growth within the entrepreneurial community.

“Green Bay is just an example of how Latino businesses are starting up across the country. It’s not just in the Southwest,” Guzman said. “I think that the challenges that small businesses face every day are universal in terms of the workforce challenges, as well as just navigating resources. I would say that we’ve tried to ensure that we’re investing in networks so that businesses can easily connect to services. So to see that Chamber and its incubator program and the Cannery in that incubator program, connecting entrepreneurs to small business resources gives me a lot of hope for the community here.”

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