Amplify Madison funds collaborative projects to build skill, voice, and visibility for women working in the Madison region’s thriving nonprofit community. The YWCA Madison is currently accepting applications for the Amplify Madison Grant, but there is only one week left to apply.

“We’re thrilled to support a unique learning experience that develops a strong network of experts who can work together to help their nonprofits, and our communities, thrive,” said Madison Community Foundation President Bob Sorge in a statement. “We hope the Amplify Madison initiative contributes to local efforts to move the needle forward on key issues facing their respective organizations.”

The Amplify Madison project funds significant professional development opportunities for women from nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on building partnerships between organizations. This innovative approach will lead to cross-sector collaborations and community-wide conversations, while also giving women, and particularly women of color, opportunities that will result in their voices being amplified in Madison. As part of this project, these women will be asked to share their experiences and have opportunities to become part of an informal speaker’s bureau.

“We are very excited to host such a great opportunity to empower women in the Madison area,” said YWCA Madison CEO Vanessa McDowell in a statement. “Our entire community will be enriched when we make it possible to build stronger relationships and have more diverse voices sharing knowledge.”

Amplify Madison is open now for the next cohort of applicants and applications are due on Nov. 1. Each cohort of three women will be eligible for a total of up to $8,250 to fund a professional development opportunity in which they would otherwise be unable to participate. Amplify Madison has funded opportunities for women to travel around the United States and abroad, enhancing a wide array of skills, from social entrepreneurship to building capacity and cultural responsiveness for survivors of domestic violence. To learn about past projects or to apply, click here.

Amplify Madison is made possible with a $75,000 grant from the Madison Community Foundation (MCF), which is part of the MCF’s 75th anniversary year of giving.